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It has been our experience that many law departments under-utilize the technology in which they have invested. More times than not, this is due to limited availability of resources required to implement the various processes necessary for maximum utilization of the technology.


Technology + Process = Success

The key to getting a successful return on investment does not lie in the technology or the particular matter management system. An excellent example of this was the law department at Wal-Mart Stores in Bentonville, Arkansas. They used the very first version of the Lawtrac matter management system in 1986. It was a DOS-based system that pre-dated Microsoft Windows. It did not have the “user-friendly” interface found in today’s software applications. What Wal-Mart did have, however, was a general counsel that understood that the technology was only as good as the processes that were put in place in order to achieve the objective desired.

They achieved outstanding results in delivering superior performance to the corporation.


We can help your department achieve great results

Over the ensuing years, we saw this phenomenon played out time and time again. Different law departments would implement the same Lawtrac application. The Lawtrac staff would provide the same implementation and training services…yet some law departments were successful in achieving their objectives and others were not. The difference? In most cases, the law department did not have access to the resources required to fully implement the required processes necessary to achieve its objectives.


This is the gap we can fill.   Our services are focused on specific programs to enhance the impact of an organization’s existing technology investment.

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