A comprehensive approach to maximizing technology ROI

Continuous Improvement Program

The purpose of the Continuous Improvement Program is to create a system of sustainable processes that will yield increasing benefits through the use of your department’s existing technology. The program consists of four components organized in a cycle. When each component of the cycle has been addressed, the cycle is repeated, except that it builds on prior achievements. Once this mentality is adopted in the law department, it is sustainable as a permanent normal course of law department operations.

While each of the components of the Continuous Improvement Program yield meaningful results, the “Holy Grail” of the program is Dispute Avoidance. Whenever law departments measure the return on investment (“ROI”) from implementing technology, the greatest payback always comes from avoiding problems before they occur. A dramatic example of this occurred with KONE Elevators, a worldwide leader in escalators, elevators and moving walkways. By analyzing their data in Lawtrac, they were able to go to their customers and actually enroll them in helping to rearrange their store layouts to reduce accidents, thereby saving both KONE and its customers from expensive customer claims.

It is also worth noting that each of the components of the Continuous Improvement Program can stand alone as a service that Orzo & Associates can provide. For example, we can develop a customized General Counsel Dashboard or matter type specific Playbooks if that is all that a law department needs.

General Counsel Dashboard

A continuous improvement program starts by defining an initial set of metrics that can be used by the general counsel to measure department performance as it pertains to the law department, outside counsel and business partners. An example of some of these metrics is provided here. The metrics are monitored on a continual basis, with whatever frequency makes sense for your department.

Lifecycle Process Playbooks

Lawtrac is a valuable tool to aid in the management of Litigation, Contracts, Labor & Employment, Regulatory, Compliance and any other matter type for which the department is responsible. Lawtrac enables the law department to develop and maintain effective processes involved with initial, ongoing and closing activities related to its matters.

Financial Management

Lawtrac’s budgeting, e-billing and financial reporting modules will enable the law department to increase value to its stakeholders – defined as getting quality outside legal services and settlement results at the most effective price. It will also increase accountability of outside counsel and reduce unexpected results.

Compliance & Dispute Avoidance

Using Lawtrac to improve policy and procedures compliance is one of the most effective ways for the law department to reduce litigation and claims with government agencies, suppliers, customers and employees.

Orzo & Associates will work with your department to establish a Continuous Improvement Program that will enable your department to achieve similar results.