Improving Consistency and Utilization

Lifecycle Process Playbook

This service forms the foundation to achieve current and future business objectives. In many ways, putting these processes in place will actually simplify the adoption and utilization of a department’s technology investment.

Orzo & Associates will develop a “Lifecycle Process Playbook” in each practice area for which the law department is responsible. The Playbook categorizes all activities in the specific practice area into Triggers, Ongoing Processes and Close Out activities and identifies each stakeholder in those processes and the activities in which the stakeholder is involved. This phase of activity will cover the entire lifecycle of processes for a specific practice area.

The Playbook documents and formalizes a law department’s existing processes for each practice area.



Ongoing Processes

Closing Out

Law Department
Clients / Customers*
Outside Counsel

* Clients/Customers are those entities and organizations requesting, receiving or providing information/services. It could be other departments within the organization, or third parties external to the organization such as regulatory bodies.

A Lifecycle Process Playbook for each practice area in the department will ensure two things:

  • It will increase the law department’s current return on investment
  • It will ensure that future goals and objectives can be achieved

The result is to improve the management of matters in the law department.

Orzo & Associates will work with your department to establish Lifecycle Process Playbooks for all department matter types.