There are three ways to ensure your existing information management systems provide the best opportunity to delight your stakeholders:

  • Ensure your current information management systems are effective; Are they doing the job they were intended to do when they were implemented?;
  • Evaluate your existing systems and workflows annually – assess if your current systems and processes are taking advantage of new technology and processes that can improve your customer’s experience;
  • Ensure your systems and processes are sustainable – consistent, defined workflows that are followed and enforced so that there is continuity of effective information management going forward.

Another way to look at this is to estimate the overall effectiveness of satisfying your customer. For this I will assume no customer will rarely be 100% satisfied, so I will set an arbitrary goal of 90% satisfaction. Let’s face it, if your customers are 90% happy with you, you are doing a very good job.

Orzo’s 1st law of customer satisfaction as it pertains to information management:

The degree of existing system and process effectiveness is equal to the degree of customer satisfaction.

i.e., if your systems are 60% effective, assume that the level of customer satisfaction will be 60% as well.

Orzo’s 2nd law of customer satisfaction as it pertains to information management:

The percentage of customer satisfaction increases in the same proportion as the increase in the percentage of system and process effectiveness.

i.e., if you increase your system and workflow processes 30%, assume that the level of customer satisfaction will increase by that same percentage.

Here is the good news – most times it only takes a few minor changes in the information management and workflow processes to create a much larger increase in effectiveness.

Orzo & Associates offers a free online assessment to help organizations evaluate areas of strength and possibilities for improvement. It is an excellent tool to determine your current system’s effectiveness, relevancy and sustainability.

If you would like more information about our services, or wish to discuss any of these ideas further, please contact us at, or call Frank Orzo at 516-902-4638. Thanks.

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